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Health through the eyes of children

In May and June 2018, a unique health programme is taking place at three after-school care locations in Middelburg, Drachten and Almelo. In various workshops, children think about ways to promote health, exercise and relaxation. But it doesn’t stop there: the children then become the drivers of changing behaviour at home. The programme is a collaboration between the Missing Chapter Foundation and Smallsteps daycare services, one of the labels of KidsFoundation.

Small thinkers, big solutions

Like all projects of the Missing Chapter Foundation, the health programme uses the creativity of children to solve major issues. Children aged 7-12 come up with concrete ideas for actions they could take to live healthier and feel happier, such as a sleep-over box with fun and healthy content, a do-it-yourself-robot package, or lying on your back outside to watch the clouds drift by. All ideas are good, as long as they contribute positively to a healthy lifestyle for children and parents in the Netherlands.

National Health Programme

The health programme is part of a new national school programme that will be launched in the autumn of 2018. The national programme encourages children even more to take on a motivating role: what can you do to structurally facilitate a healthy lifestyle at home? In addition to the Missing Chapter Foundation and KidsFoundation, Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht [Young People with a Healthy Weight] and the Voedingscentrum [National Nutrition Centre] are important knowledge partners in the national school programme.

Source: Missing Chapter Foundation

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