Playing, learning, and developing

Childcare is essential for the development of children. Playing outdoors, discovering things for themselves and learning while playing in an environment that feels like home. All of this is of great value for children’s motor, cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. KidsFoundation gives you the certainty of your child’s healthy development in a safe environment.

Six certainties

  1. High-quality childcare
  2. The children matter most
  3. Knowledge bank for parents
  4. Academic think tank
  5. Expert pedagogical team
  6. Development through discovery

For children, parents and childcare and educational organisations

At KidsFoundation, childcare organisations work in collaboration with universities, the education sector and schools, other professionals and parents to raise the standard of childcare in the Netherlands. What do parents find important? What are the latest developments? How do we translate that into a clear pedagogical policy that promotes the development of children? KidsFoundation aims to offer the most highly rated, affordable childcare in the Netherlands by asking ourselves that question continually and through ongoing research. So that children can keep developing, growing and discovering their talents in a healthy and safe way. Our mission is your certainty.

Growing together towards a bright future

Since the merger with Partou, we are literally very much present in society with over 900 branches throughout the country. This entails a lot of responsibility, we fulfill an important social task. In this Corporate Social Responsibility report, we would therefore like to tell you about our vision and mission and about our specific activities. The underlying reasons why we consider professional childcare to be of crucial importance.


Bundling talent yet remaining independent

Taking advantage of existing talent is an important precondition for success. This is why all of our childcare centres, preschools and afterschool care locations work independently, yet still under the umbrella of KidsFoundation – because we are more than the sum of our parts. We bundle our talents for a higher goal: to offer the best childcare in the Netherlands.

306 daycare centres

125 toddler care locations

515 out-of-school care locations


KidsFoundation stands for professional, safe and accessible childcare that contributes to the development of children. With brands such as Partou, we are a major player in the childcare sector. Our organisation has over 900 branches where we care for a total of over 66,000 children. We do this with over 9,000 employees. We are the largest childcare organisation in the Netherlands.


Quality of childcare is #1

Childcare that meets the highest quality standards: that’s what KidsFoundation stands for. Children climb trees, go down the slide on the playground, embrace adventure. It is their right to move through life in wellness and safety. The same goes for your childcare centre, preschool and afterschool facility.

Childcare as an engine for development

Childcare organisations associated with KidsFoundation meet the highest requirements for safety and expertise. We are selective when it comes to an inspiring pedagogical climate, a team of professionals, and current policies that are in accordance with legislation and the latest scientific insights. The children in our care always learn by playing. We see play as the most important engine for children’s development, as it deepens and enriches. And with our childcare services you will notice this immediately in practice.

We measure and improve based on expert knowledge

With its many childcare centres, preschools and afterschool care locations throughout the Netherlands, KidsFoundation provides a high-quality service. What makes childcare valuable? How can we improve our response to children’s developmental needs? How do we involve parents as much as possible in the decision-making process? Our Academic Platform delves intensely into such research topics on a daily basis. We continuously measure and improve our knowledge of childcare, then use it as a foundation to invest in children’s futures.


More knowledge, better childcare

Childcare renews itself through collaboration between universities, parents and childcare organisations. At KidsFoundation we see that as our main task. Sharing knowledge becomes the key to success. This is how we achieve together what you’d wish for every child in the Netherlands: the childcare of today, based on current pedagogical insights.

Sharing knowledge based on research and practice

Our knowledge about childrearing, development and childcare keeps improving all the time. What do children need in order to develop a healthy dose of self-confidence and grow into adults who work together based on their talent? Current studies show that learning while playing and self-discovery are crucial, as are healthy eating and outdoor activities. KidsFoundation regularly organises expert meetings for practical and specialisation purposes. It is a way for childcare organisations and researchers to learn from each other.

Today’s childcare benefits from a knowledge network

The knowledge network of KidsFoundation keeps expanding. We work intensively with universities and are mentoring increasing numbers of Master’s students. At our Academic Platform, behavioural scientists delve into current research topics in the field of childcare. We use the results to refine our pedagogical policies. All of our childcare centres, preschools and afterschool care facilities benefit from this. You can count on high-quality, up-to-date childcare services.