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Stable Partner

KidsFoundation is a professional partner to all its affiliated local childcare providers. These providers are all able to draw upon each other’s knowledge and experience in order to achieve the highest quality of childcare.

Highest demands in childcare

The local KidsFoundation childcare organisations have to meet the highest requirements concerning safety and expertise. KidsFoundation is the first company that uses a quality label for these strict norms and applies it to their own childcare organisations in the Netherlands.

Lifelong learning and knowledge sharing

KidsFoundation childcare providers learn from each other by sharing knowledge, networks and experience at national and regional expert meetings. Research and practice also go hand in hand within the organisation’s high-grade educational expertise and science team.

Security for parents

KidsFoundation offers parents a sense of continuity and security when it comes to the highest-rated childcare.

That’s why KidsFoundation carries out research into what matters to parents, which part childcare plays in their lives and how childcare providers can continue to offer added value to them in a rapidly changing society.

As a result, KidsFoundation is proving to be a crucial partner to all parents in The Netherlands.

Independent and local

Affiliated organisations are given a large degree of independence within the established frameworks. As a result, they are always able to fulfil their care responsibilities in a way that aligns with the local situation.

We have noticed that smaller, quality childcare companies would like to join us. We are glad of it. We consider diversity to be very important. As a larger party, you can still learn a lot from their knowledge and experience. Subsequently, we can help with the implementation of the new Dutch IKK law. We are happy to enter into an open and transparent conversation about how we are connected and how we can continue together.
Jeanine Lemmens, CEO

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