Our organisations

Hundreds of local day care centres, out-of-school care facilities and toddler care locations operate under the KidsFoundation banner. Various labels have joined KidsFoundation the past years and we are still growing. Together we are committed to offer the best-rated childcare in the Netherlands.

Passionate professionals

With over 200 day care centres, 300 out-of-school care facilities and more than 100 toddler groups, Smallsteps is one of the largest childcare organisations in the Netherlands. And yet it feels like home, thanks to the enthusiastic staff. They do not wear a cape, neither do they have super powers. But they do know exactly what children need in order to grow. They are there when children fall and get up again during their many exploratory adventures. Over and over. Every day. The whole year through.

Discover, play and experience

Kindercentrum.nl offers childcare at day care centres, toddler care groups and primary schools. Care during lunch time at school, after-school care, flexible care, holiday care, occasional care: the possibilities are endless. The staff works on the basis of a shared vision: offering children a place where they can feel at home, with room to discover, play and experience. Therefore, there is a good balance between rest and activity and between structure and flexibility.

Expert in activities

Childcare organisation Zus en Zo is specialized in activity-oriented childcare. Young children have fun with toddler gym, older children enjoy acro-gym and free-running. But the carefully designed activity program also includes music, singing, dance, drama, painting and cooking. And swimming lessons, skiing, snowboarding, skating, tennis, judo and boot camp. A variety of activities, every day, focussed on fun, quality and care.

Personalised childcare

Kindercentrum de Speelbrug is a five-star environment for flexible childcare. A hairdresser, transportation, breakfast, hot meals: thanks to the many extra services, parents get the maximum space to combine care and work. In doing so, they can rely on a warm child care environment where child-raising, education and recreation go together. The positive atmosphere and individual attention ensure optimal development opportunities. Personalised care for every child and every work schedule.

Learning while playing

Every child goes home with a smile after an active day in childcare. That is the ambition of  SKS Alles Kids. Learning while playing is the norm in these day care centres, toddler care groups and out-of-school care locations. And yet, children develop best when parents and childcare organisations work together. That is why SKS Alles Kids also organizes activities for parents. From free workshops to parenting aid.

A good start for every child

Belle Fleur Children’s Centre is more than just a place for children to stay while their parents are at work. The sixteen Belle Fleur locations offer security, safety and homeliness. Personal attention is self-evident, as is having fun, playing, singing, dancing and learning. The pedagogical staff works with educational materials and activities that match the different age groups. Everything is focused on giving children the best start possible. Recently Belle Fleur also started its own after-school group focused on sports.

Fairytale childcare

King Thrushbeard, the Little Prince and the Snow Queen. All childcare locations of Koningskinderen have fairytale names and are housed in buildings that appeal to the imagination. Fairytales have a permanent place in the pedagogical method, partly because of the emotional, social and creative power that they emanate. The aim of Koningskinderen is to stimulate the total development of children up to 12 years in a pleasant and homely environment. Koningskinderen offers various forms of high-quality, flexible and international day care and out-of-school care. There is always something for every parent!

Childcare with a sense of home

Just Kiddies has grown from in-house childcare to several day care facilities and out-of-school care locations. Despite its growth, this childcare organisation has remained small-scale and homely: every location has a maximum of three groups, with a lot of  room for personal attention. The locations themselves are also unique. One location is housed in a former GP practice, another shares a building with the local scouting.

A village character

Kindercentrum Nijntje Pluis is a small-scale childcare organisation with six facilities located in the same municipality. That combined with the enthusiastic and engaged staff, children quickly feel at home and develop themselves through play. The village character is expressed in the personal contact with the parents and cooperation with entrepreneurs and facilities in the area, such as the library, the nursing home and sports clubs.

The feeling of home

With four locations – two day care facilities and two out-of-school care locations – Kinderopvang Hengelo is indeed a small-scale childcare organisation. The employees know each other well. Together they look into what every child needs to develop in the best way possible and to enjoy going to day care or after-school care. The child care locations work closely with schools for a smooth transition and seamless connection. And an advantage for most parents: the locations have extended opening hours.

Talent is key

Childcare is about more than nursing and taking care. It is a place where children have the opportunity to express themselves in 100 languages. Childcare organisation Kits focuses on the children’s talents. How do children discover who they are, what they are able of and what makes them happy? Inspired by the pedagogical vision of Reggio Emilia and Emi Pikler, KITS offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, in which discovering yourself is the key.

Encouraging development

Kindercentrum ‘t Parapluutje offers small-scale, professional day care in a personal environment, with a focus on providing warmth and safety and on stimulating the children’s development in forms of active play that match the development, the level and the perception of the child.

Play, smile, grow!

Day care centre De 7 Dwergen stimulates the development of children by taking a play activity as a starting point. In doing so, they are challenged to develop themselves in all areas, under the supervision of our pedagogical staff. They play a central role in this process, as they continuously introduce new impulses during the play activities with the children. In addition, it is good to keep their interest, offer meaningful activities and to always make the right choices in game and development materials.