Research into the motivation of educational staff

Starting September 2018 the University of Leiden will measure the motivation of educational staff – not the motivation for the work they do with children, but the motivation to further professionalise themselves. In other words: Are educational staff motivated to learn? And how does that influence the quality of preschool and elementary education?

Talent, self-esteem and job satisfaction

The motivation to professionalise relates to the work attitude at the workplace. Talent, self-esteem and job satisfaction are the three pillars in this context. To what degree do educational staff deploy their talents? Are they willing to work on their self-esteem and increase their job satisfaction? Under the direction of Dr Menno A. Mennes, researchers will conduct measurements at three locations for preschool and elementary education in Leiden.

Does motivation have an effect on development?

The University of Leiden will also investigate whether a link exists between increased motivation and the development of children. To this end, the researchers will conduct measurements with Kijk!, an instrument that observes and registers the development trajectory of young children in various areas over a longer period of time. The study will last 36 months.

Cooperation and subsidy

The study is the result of a collaboration between the University of Leiden, the municipality of Leiden, Stichting Peuterspeelzalen Leiden [Preschool Leiden Foundation], Leidse Aanpak voor Talentontwikkeling [Leiden initiative for talent development] and KidsFoundation. A subsidy of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, via the Netherlands Initiative for Educational Research (NRO), has contributed to this research.

Author: Helen Faasse. Source: University of Leiden.

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