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Guinea pigs for healthy eating

Discovering vegetables, fruit and other healthy foods in a playful way. That’s the idea behind the Taste Safari Box that Smallsteps childcare introduced in May 2018 to one of its childcare centres. The children were allowed to feel, taste, smell, even prepare dishes. They also told each other stories about healthy eating. It was a great success that will soon be followed at other toddler daycare facilities of Smallsteps.

Childcare is the best place to develop taste

Research shows that 79% of toddlers do not eat enough vegetables. They sometimes try new tastes ten to fifteen times before they start liking them. It is therefore important for their taste development that toddler daycare facilities carry vegetables frequently, certainly because the little ones will be more eager to try something new there than at home. The Taste Safari Box is a very smart way to meet this need.

Everyday healthy food on the menu

Smallsteps childcare is one of the labels of KidsFoundation. We have healthy food as a standard part of the menu at all childcare locations. The Taste Safari Box is developed by Madaga, a supplier of organic baby food that also provides the warm lunches.

Source: Smallsteps childcare.

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