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Does every child benefit from childcare?

In August 2018 the University of Amsterdam will start a large-scale study into the effects of childcare on children’s development. Do all children benefit from childcare to the same degree? How relevant is the context of the childcare? And to what degree does the effect of childcare relate to the child itself?

Childcare centres versus childminders

Researchers will conduct three studies under the leadership of Prof R.G. Fukkink: a literature survey and an analysis of existing data, plus a longitudinal study among children aged 2-4 who go to childcare centres or childminders. Children are very different in their sensitivity to outside influences. The question is whether that has an influence on the effect of childcare, and whether there is a difference between childcare centres and childminders.

Recommendations for parents and professionals

The researchers want to link the results from Dutch and international research in order to accumulate new knowledge about the early school period. This knowledge is important for both practical and policy purposes. The pedagogical recommendations that come out of the research are an asset for both parents and education professionals.

Bringing together science and practice

The research is the result of a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam, TNO, 4Kids childminders, Humanitas childcare and KidsFoundation. It is made possible by a subsidy of ZonMw. The study will last 36 months.

Author: Helen Faasse. Source: University of Amsterdam.

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